Saturday, December 12, 2009

From the Pantry: Product Review/ Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Pearls

During the long cold month's of December I like to treat my family and myself to some good old fashioned down home comfort food, and for us that sometimes means Tapioca Pudding. There's something to be said for nice, warm, homemade vanilla pudding with tapioca pearls in it... it is easy to make, and it is super least we think so.

I've been using Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Pearls for a while now to create our tapioca pudding with very good results.

If you too like homemade tapioca pudding stop by Bob's Red Mill and order yourself a bag of their tapioca pearls. The package lasts for a while, and not only are the tapioca pearls great for tapioca pudding making, but the tapioca pearls can also be used in the thickening of pie fillings, in bubble tea, and more.

You'll find the recipe we use for making tapioca pudding on the back of the package.


  1. I love tapioca pudding..thanks for the info on Bob's tapioca pearls.. I think I can get them at my local health food store.

  2. I love Bob's product line........
    so what is "bubble tea"...?
    hugz from katmom

  3. Bubble tea is made with large tapioca pearls that are often dyed with a food coloring.


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