Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get The Tweezers, Mama

Cotton, soybeans, rye, corn, peanuts...
those are our primary crops. Those are the crops I think of when I think of farming in southeastern Virginia.
But a few weeks ago, my husband announced it was time to harvest the trees in front of our house.
I reacted as if someone had just yanked the shower curtain open just as the water was getting nice and warm.
What would I do for privacy?
For goodness sake, we'll be able to see another house from our own!
Mercy... I might as well be parading down the road in my unmentionables.
My children... well, my children acted as though we were cutting down their playground.
We appealed. We whined a little.
Okay, a lot.
We asked lots of questions hoping that would make him want to forget he'd ever seen a tree in his entire life.
Finally, we all put our slightly odd issues aside - it was time to harvest. After all, that's what we do. We plant and then we harvest. And we do a lot of praying and hoping along the way.
So this particular harvest is done. And I can see lights along the road that make me jump a little because I think someone is driving up the lane.

And those poor, heartbroken children?
Well, they have the best playground around. A playground full of stump-jumping and fort-building with the biggest darned splinters this side of the swamp.

I might need a bigger pair of tweezers.

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  1. I bet their playground smells wonderful too.Fresh cut wood smells wonderful. And you'll have plenty of wood for a winter fire in the fireplace or wood stove too I'm sure.


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