Monday, October 12, 2009

In the Garden: Product Review

I love birds, and love attracting them to our backyard. I have the perfect spot for being able to watch them...from my kitchen window!

Directly outside of my kitchen window is a large drake elm tree that I planted about 6 years ago...the tree has grown tremendously from that tiny 6 ft. tall sapling that I found on clearance at a local hardware store, and now it towers about 14-15 feet tall with a reach of just about as wide on its branches. In this tree is where I like to hang my bird feeders.

We have hummingbirds that are year round residents to our area, we see them a bit more frequently once the bottlebrush flowers start to bloom on our bottlebrush tree. We also like the chance to see them without having to crane our neck to look up into the tree. That's where my cute little hummingbird feeder from "Perky-Pet" comes into play.

For less than $20 I can have a darling hummingbird feeder and nectar kit to attract these little "flying jewels"

Of course having them in a little bit closer is a bit fun too, as I like to try to capture them on camera.

If you too enjoy attracting birds or need a gift this Christmas season for the bird lover on your list check out the "Perky- Pet Hummingbird Feeder"


  1. I love watching birds too and especially hummingbirds. They "awe me" everything I see one.
    That's pretty neat that you have them year round!

  2. they are rather flighty things though, usually they get more active around our house during late September and October, they love the bottle brush tree in the yard.Last year we had a family of them in the yard about 4-5 juveniles and the was pretty cool. I'll have to share photos on here of the hummingbirds that have visited our yard.a challenge to photograph too.


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